Airspade: Tree care and Tree transplanting services

We are now using the most advanced technology in modern arboriculture to uncover the mysteries of the root system and transplant mature trees. The airspade uses compressed air to carefully excavate the soil from the root flare and decompact the soil so that we can make repairs such as girdling roots which will support the trees health and longevity.

The airspade can be used to transplant trees up to 20” caliper on site or to a new location within very close proximity to the existing tree location. In doing so 85% of the root system (1:15 ratio) is retained during the process. This drastically reduces any transplants shock, minimizes aftercare requirements and supports an environment that the tree will not just survive but continue to thrive.

The equal transfer of nutrients and water upward (from the roots) and downward (from the leaves) constitutes a healthy metabolic function. A healthy tree represents a well balance naturally ordered system when it functions in this manner. This airspade technology and process supports a well balanced system.

Advantages to bare root transplanting (BRT):

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